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Jules Verne Moon Train
The Jules Verne Moon Train

Two Current Lunar "loop-the-Moon" flyby Tourism Options - Yes, you can go now, if your pockets are deep enough!
Russia's $200 Million Offer includes a 2 week stay at ISS, looping the Moon
Space Adventure's "Moon-Direct" $100 million offer uses same vehicles but without stay at ISS, but with a close pass over the heavily cratered farside in sunlight.
Link includes "9 day itinerary" and a video

Step by step, phase by phase - from an article in the MMM Classic Themes Tourism Issue, page 85
1. Tourism to low Earth orbit becomes affordable as new reusable rockets bring the cost of such flights down to the low hundreds of thousands of dollars, enough to sustain a “flow”.
2. Loop-the-Moon tours are an easy next step, requiring only refueling the shuttle-craft, a week’s extra provisions, and Spartan sleeping facilities. Once the cost for this is under a million dollars, the first flights will happen.
3. Resort Hotels in low Earth Orbit are built, to accommodate longer stays, more comfortable Earth viewing, and more zero-G sports and even dance. These hotels will slowly grow into sizable complexes, even offering artificial “gravity.
4. The “Orbitels” become travel hubs.
5. Demand grows for lunar Surface Excursions
6. A small “growable” hotel complex is erected
7. Demand for more Hotel facilities leads to on location [in situ] processing of regolith into building materials to make expected continuing phases of hotel expansion financially “doable” and continue to provide sufficient “return on investment” to backers.
8. Availability of realized on location building materials attracts a consortium interested in developing Moon-based space energy schemes: lunar solar relay arrays, solar power satellites built of lunar materials, helium-3 mining
9. Other outposts -- industrial enterprises -- are built, first in the proximity of the Hotel and its incubator building material industries, then at other locations on the Moon.
10. An infrastructure for travel between outposts develops, both for mutual logistical support and for trade. Roads, even railroads, are built in an ever-growing network.
11. Hundreds, then thousands, then tens and eventually hundreds of thousands of pioneers come to the Moon and wind up staying, raising families in the booming settlements. The Moon becomes a Human World.
12. A Hotel built in the lunar Peekaboos to cater to the insatiable demands of the ultra affluent thus proves to be the unexpected Seed of major industrial and economic development of the Moon. Why? Because Tourist Dollars do not need justification by MBA bean counters. Tourism is built on affluence, not on economic needs or justification.

Tourism as a driver of the Lunar Economy
Lunar surface transportation systems, import allowances, export allowances, excursions, events and performances, etc.

Tourism as a driver of architectural, internal climate, internal flora and fauina, arts & crafts, and cultural diversity of lunar settlements as well as of the multiplication of settlements and of specially scenery-advantaged settlement sites.

Tourism as a driver of Lunar sports, performing arts, and hobby development, Lunar spelunking - "'-tubing"

Adventure Tourism on the Moon
Learning/Participating in lunar sports, gymnastics, performing arts (dance media)

"Pay-to-join" scientific exploration ventures (mountains, rilles, shaded craters, lavatubes, etc.)
Ditto for road construction, site construction, etc. (tourist-subsidy for man-hours on the Moon)
Pay to deliver automated science equipment, rovers, return samples, make repairs

Miscellaneous Files
The "Frontier Builder": an Earth-Moon Hotel Cruise Ship: Definition & Design Exercise 1992
The Lunar Hostel: An Alternate Concept for First Beachhead and Secondary Outposts 1991

MMM Classic Themes Tourism Issue

In this 92 page pdf file volume, we have collected all the Moon Miners' Manifesto articles
  • on space and lunar tourism
  • a selection of articles on design options of space and surface vehicles and of early tourist "hostels
  • a selection of articles that tells the prospective tourist what the early lunar frontier settlements will be like.
 These articles are drawn from MMM's first twenty years, and have been reedited, partially reillustrated, and republished in this volume.
The "market" for this issue is diverse:
  • For the near term tourist interested in visiting the virgin Moon now
  • For the near term "willing to pay for the chance to roll up sleeves and get fingernails dirty" tourist who wants to get in on the action of pioneering the Moon - More on this idea in a future article or paper now under consideration. Consider the growing market for such experiences; many now pay to go on an archaeological or paleontological "dig."
  • For the prospective tourist who would like to visit the Moon as soon as science outposts are deployed
  • For the future-fiction lover who would like a peak at what one might see visiting early lunar settlements further down the road


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