Moonbeams Fiction Publication Gets an Upgrade

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Covers of Four of the Seven issues already published

April 2, 2011 - Moonbeams to begin paying for Fiction -
The Moon Society’s electronic (free download PDF file) Science Fiction journal, launched in November 2008, and with 7 issues under its belt, is “moving on up.”

Moonbeams is “a short story journal focused on stories about the Moon and High Frontier.” 
Issues come out when the editor, Chuck Lesher, receives enough content.

Writers Cramp Publishing will pay $10 for each short story published in Moonbeams.
Lunar Fiction receives special consideration but is not a requirement.
Moon Society and NSS members are also given preferred consideration but not exclusively.
This is a modest amount, but appropriate given the present free circulation.
Authors will have the option of donating their $10 to the Moon Society.
Moonbeams will also begin carrying some Moon Society News, and links to other Moon Society publications such as Moon Miners’ Manifesto, MMM-India Quarterly, and our new quasi-monthly formatted email newsletter Moonscapes.

Guiding Inspiration

Science-Fiction has played a strong role in fostering an interest in Space Exploration, Settlement, and Travel. As far back as the earliest days of NASA and the Apollo program, many NASA personnel and future astronauts have admitted that their individual early interest in space was awakened, and/or nourished by exciting and positive visions of what could be the greater world of our future. Arthur C. Clarke and Robert A. Heinlein are just two of the many classic authors frequently cited.

Submission Guidelines:
  • Moonbeams preferred genre is Science Fiction as it relates to colonizing space and the Moon but we will accept other genre including nonfiction.
  • You do not have to be a Moon Society member to submit.
  • Moonbeams is about two things: authors getting their work published, and making the case for space colonization
  • Successful submissions must stick to accepted physics: no faster-than-light warp drives, no worm holes, no time travel, no transporters a la Star Trek and no alien monsters. No magic, no fantasy. Last but not least, no social, political, or religious diatribes. 
  • Send us a plausible story about the colonization of space and the Moon and we will publish it. But don’t stop there. The subtitle "Tales from the High Frontier" indicates that stories can be set anywhere in the Solar System. 
  • Nonfiction submissions on science and technology must be thoroughly referenced.
  • Everyone is welcome to submit pieces up to 10,000 words. 
  • We have a micro-story category, Letters Home, with a glass ceiling of about a 1000 words. 
  • We also welcome comments and/or reviews of prior Moonbeams stories.
  • Submissions should be in electronic form. MS Word 2007 is preferred but we will accept text files or other common word processor formats. 
  • All submissions that need to be keyed in will not be considered unless prior arrangements have been made. 
  • The preferred method of submissions is via email with the subject set to "Moonbeams Submission".
  • We will accept mailed cd/dvd at the following address:
Writers Cramp Publishing
1982 N. Iowa St., Chandler, Arizona 85225
  • Exchanging links is ok if your link is clearly space related.
  • Moonbeams reserves the right to say no to any submission.
  • These guidelines are subject to review and will be adjusted as we go.
  • Moonbeams is YOUR magazine. Let’s have some fun with it, shall we?
Chuck Lesher, Writers Cramp, Editor


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