Improving Mutual Understanding
Setting the Stage for Collaboration
Moon Society Table at Mars Society Convention 2004
Chicago, IL - August 19-22, 2004

Table Manning: President Peter Kokh and Secretary Gary Gray (photo)

Signage: Two 6.5"x8" color cloth banners hung side by side on a brass colored T-shaped stand made of 1/2" copper tubing, 4 feet above table top (pdf)

Modular Lunar-Martian Homestead Model on left end of table
• Made of 1.5" PVC fittings, 24" wide, 18" Deep, 5" high - on a styrofoam platform with accompanying handout flyers in front, and explanatory legends (items listed just below) on top of scenic background panel
• This display is lightweight (10 lbs.) and travels well in a padded checkable box 25"x20"x10"

  • Color Diagram of Model to aid visitor interpretation (pdf)
  • Accompanying Key to Display (pdf)
  • Display Sign (pdf)

Accompanying handout flyers

  • Homestead Model Explanation (pdf) with Black & White version of Diagram on Flip side
  • Black & White version of Inner Solar System Trade Routes Transparency (pdf)

"Mars is in our Field of View" brochure - (pdf - revised and expanded 5-17-05)

Additional Flyers in a 3-tiered rack to right of homestead display

  • Lunar & Martian Frontiers will have Much in Common (2-sided) (pdf)
  • Moon Society - Mars Society: Collaboration & Joint Project Areas (2-sided) (pdf)
  • Mars in Moon Miners' Manifesto (2-sided) (pdf)

Other Materials displayed singly to right of 3-tiered rack

  • Moon Society Registration flyer
  • Personal copies of issues of Artemis Magazine
  • Current Artemis Magazine Subscription Form, printed from the Internet

Photos taken of the Table and Displays, and of Gary and Peter when developed


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