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 Updated August 3, 2011

This Section of the Moon Society Website was launched August 24, 2004

At this location, members and friends will find Progress Reports on the Moon Society's continuing efforts to further the goal of exploration and development of the Moon leading to a permanent resident population of hardy and resourceful pioneers.

Monthly "Frontlines" Reports We began publishing monthly "Frontlines" progress reports in April 2008, with a prominent Bold Yellow link at the bottom of the front page Moon Society Current News Section. These reports are being archived. Simply click on the current Frontlines Report for an archive of previous monthly reports.
NOTE: The Frontlines Report has been discontinued as of May 1, 2011
New Section: "On the Lunar Upbeat" - As of January 5, 2011, below the Moon Society Announcements section on our homepage, this will list links to positive proposals to return to the Moon in an affordable and productive way

2012.08.02 - Society Prepares for 5th Annual Membership Meeting - August 8th

2011.09.10 - Society Web Site migrates to new hosting service

2011.08.03 - Society selects new Staff Team

2011.08.02 - Society elects a new slate of Officers and Directors

2011.07.18 - Society Prepares for 4th Annual Membership Meeting - August 10th

2011.05-26 -
The Moon may have 100 X more water than expected

2011.04.02 - Moonbeams Fiction Publication gets an Upgrade

2011.03.19 - Enter our new Space Tourism Essay Contest

2011.03.17 -
Moon Society Heralds Dawn of Human-Robonaut Space Age

2011.02.25 - Society Congratulates India's Chadrayaan-1 Team for Discovery of Intact Lava Tube Section on the Moon

2011.01.05 -
Society endorses Paul Spudis’ Plan to return to the Moon in an affordable way

Archived Previous Reports


2010.12.01 - Disabled Veterans are now able to join the Society at a special discount rate

2010.10.18 - Newly-confirmed Origin of Phobos has Discouraging Implications for both Martian and Lunar Economies

2010.09.30 - University of Luna Award Given to Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Former President of India

2010.09.28 -  Introduing our new Logo-Banner

2010.08.18 - Introducing two new Moon Society Advisors

2010.08.11 - Our Homepage "Changing Images" Feature Undergoes an Exciting Major Upgrade

2010.08.11 - Society Congratulates Mexico on the creation of The Mexican Space Society

2010.07.30 - Society Prepares for 3rd Annual Membership Meeting, August 11th, 2010

2010.07.22 - Suggest a Name and/or Design a Banner for our new Formatted Email Newsletter

2010.06.04 - Space-X Falcon 9 Reaches Orbit on Maiden Launch!

2010.05.08 - A Lunar Frontier - Things are Looking Better than Ever!

2010.04.17 - And the Winners of our Apollo 13 40th Anniversary Essay Contest are ..

2010.02.11 - Society Members may apply for Moon Society Visa Plantinum card from Capital One

2010.01.25 - Society Members Welcome to Join Legislative Blitz 2010

2010.01.08 - Announcing Apollo 13 - 40th Anniversary Essay Contest


2009.12.16 - Moon Society Applauds Congress' Reaffirmation of NASA's Moon Program

2009.11.14 - Announcing the Formation of Moon Society India

2009.11.05 - Moon Society prepares for 2nd Annual Membership Meeting

2009.11.05 - Moon Society congratulates Masten Space Systems on 1st prize in Lunar Lander Challenge

2009.10.12 - Moon Society Endorses Aldrin's Proposal for a Lunar Infrastructure Development Corporation

2009.09.05 - Moon Society Produces "Online Kit" for Tabletop Solar Power Beaming Exhibit

2009.08.11 - NSS offers our members $60 "early bird" Discount Rate for ISDC 2010

2009.07-29 - MMM announces new Collections of Past Articles by Theme

2009.07.20 - The Moon Society's Goals Go Beyond those of NASA

2009.05.19 - New "MMM Glossary" Introduced

2009.05.14 - "MMM Classics" now preserves MMM's First Twenty Years

2009.03.06 - Society President to get O'Neill Award from NSS at ISDC 2009

2009.02.10 - Society Introduces Nine New Advisors


2008.11.18 - Society Introduces MMM-India Quarterly

2008.11.10 - Society Introduces Science Fiction Publication: Moonbeams

2008.10.01 - Moon Society Applauds Space-X Falcon 1 Launch Success

2008.09.12 - Moon Society releases (for current members only) 2008 Annual Report in Preparation for 1st Annual Membership Meeting on September 17th

2008.08.06 - Moon Society prepares for 1st Annual Membership Meeting

2008.06.13 - Moon Society exhibits finished Solar Power Beaming Demonstration unit at ISDC 2008

2008.05.16 - Moon Society lauds and Supports NSS Statement on Reauthorizing the Vision for Space Exploration

2008.03.19 Society Notes the Passing of Arthur C. Clarke

2008.02.18 Introducing our Table Top Solar Power Beaming Demonstrator Project

2008.02.15 Moon Society Progress Report & Update


2007.10.24 Society congratulates China on successful launch of Chang'e-1 probe towards the Moon

2007.10.10 Society Joins new Space Solar Alliance for Future Energy (SSAFE)

2007.09.15 Society lauds launch of Japan's Kaguya probe towards the Moon

2007.09.13 Society opposes any Congressional ban on spending for "humans to Mars" programs

2007.03.08 Society issues Statement of Agresssive Support for Vision for Space Exploration (VSE)

2007.03.05 Space Settlement 2008 Calendar Art Contest Winners Announced

2007.01.17 Four More Persons Join Board of Advisors

2007.01.02 Moon Miners' Manifesto Classics publishing project reaches milestone


2006.11.02 Moon Society cosponsors NSS 2008 Space Settlements Calendar Art Contest

2006.10.31 Moon Society Applauds Today's Decision to Repair the Hubble Space Telescope

2006.10.16 Moon Society introduces new Portal:

2006.10.08 Moon Society welcomes Calgary Space Workers as new local partner

2006.09.05 Moon Society Hails Completion of Very Successful SMART-1 Moon Mission

2006.08.02 The Moon Society applauds the work of ILEWG 8 conferees in drafting the Beijing Declaration

2006.03.24 Artemis Moonbase Sim 1 Exercise Post-Mission Report

2006.01.30 Moon Society Progress Report emailed to members current and expired for whom we have valid email addresses


2005.12.17 It is now easier to make a donation to the Society for specific projects.

2005.12.15 Members now have access to the Selenology, the quarterly publication of the American Lunar Society and the monthly newsletters of the Planetary Society of Youth (India)

2005.12.11 Artemis Moonbase Sim 1 website is under construction for our February 25 - March 12 mission to the Mars Desert Research Station

2005.12.08 BBC TV Crew videotapes and interviews three Artemis Moonbase Sim 1 Crew Members at Mars Desert Outpost.

2005.11.28 Crew selection for Artemis Moonbase Sim 1 is completed

2005.10.11 A second Call for Crew Volunteers for Moonbase Exercises in Utah is sent out.

2005.10.10 MDRS Program Manager Tony Muscatello confirms that the Crew #45 slot is reserved for a Moon Society Crew, with our dates February 25 through March 12, 2006.

2005.05.22 The Moon Society and The National Space Society Sign an Historic Agreement by which the Moon Society becomes an Autonomous Affilliate of NSS

2005.04.06 Society Introduces Lunar Observing Certificate Program

2005.03.02 Five More Advisors elected

2005.03.02 Society President Joins Refit Crew at Mars Desert Station

2005.02.16 Board of Directors Fills Two Vacancies

2005.01.02 Society President Guest on the Space Show


2004.11.28 Introducing the first 15 members of our new Board of Advisors

2004.11.28 Second PO Box added for Mail concerning Society Programs and Projects, Chapters and Volunteers, and other nonlegal, non-membership matters.

2004.11.28 Report on India Moon Mission Contest Results. This contest was co-sponsored by the Moon Society through the Chapters Coordinator's office.

2004.11.27 Society defines "Sparkplug Roles" for individuals who either because of schedule, location, or temperament, prefer to work alone. There is much that talented and self-motivating individuals can do to advance the Society's progress towards its goals.

2004.11.20 Report on Initial Project Feasibility Findings for the Rent-MDRS Project

2004.11.17 Chapter Rules are eased to better promote Chapter formation and growth. The minimum number of Moon Society members required to apply for full chapter status is reduced from five to three. And now chapters may have associate members who are not also members of the Society.

2004.10.05 Report on the Opportunity to Rent the Mars Desert Research Station for Lunar Outpost Simulations, A window of opportunity has been provided by the Mars Society's decision to make this facility, MDRS, available to other groups for 2-week long crew rotations, for a rental charge that should be relatively easy to cover with sponsor funds. We are putting together a team to look into the design of a simulations program to include operations that will be uniquely relevant to lunar outposts as well as operations areas that will apply to both lunar and Mars outposts, but have not been simulated by previous MDRS crews.

2004.10.05 Report on the Moon-Mars Homestead Simulation Project. on the invitation extended to Moon Society Members to participate in the new member-originated Mars Society project: the Mars Homestead Simulation Project.

2004.08.24 Report on the Moon Society's Presence at the Mars Society Convention 2004, Chicago, IL, August 19-22, 2004. The report includes an initial list of areas for collaboration and cooperation between the two societies, to which their has been a very positive reaction by Mars Society President Robert Zubrin.

2004.06.12 Moon Society and Space Exploration Alliance Call for "The Moon, Mars, and Beyond

2004.03.15 Moon Society Submits Response to Bush Moon/Mars Committee

2004.03.15 The Moon: Why and How we Should Return

2004.03.15 The Hubble Space Telescope and the Future of Space-Based Astronomy in Light of a Return to the Moon

2004.03.07 Outpost Indiana Travels to a Moon, Mars and Beyond public hearing

2004.02.23 Moon Society to Participate in Student Moon Mission Contest in India


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