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Membership Benefits

  • A subscription to the Moon Miners' Manifesto, which includes the Moon Society Journal section. MMM is available as hardcopy sent to your mailbox, and/or as a pdf file that you can download
  • Members can also download copies of Selenology, the quarterly of our affiliate, The American Lunar Society
  • For new members: 
  • The Artemis Project™ Reference Mission poster (a $9.95 value)
  • Map of the Moon's Nearside showing the Apollo and Luna Landing Sites.
  • A copy of Andrew Chaikin's A Man on the Moon, as long as our supply lasts 
  • Participate in the events of a local chapter or outpost of the Moon Society in your area
  • Help in starting a chapter with other space enthusiasts in your area, upon request
  • Eligibility to join the NASA Federal Credit Union and take advantage of their full line of banking services
  • Get in on the Action -- Join one of our Project Teams
  • Discounts on Moon Society cosponsored conferences (National Space Society's International Space Development Conference = ISDC)
  • Access to the members-only mailing list and members-only area of the Moon Society website
  • Access to the members-only ASI MOO online meeting environment
  • Special offers available only to members of the Moon Society
  • Starting January 1, 2009, all members who renew for the first time will be mailed a Certificate of Continuing Membership. All those who have previously renewed, will also get one when they renew during 2009. We do thank you for your continuing support of our efforts to advance the establishment of a human frontier on the Moon.
  • Meeting and working with others in promoting humanity's return to the Moon
  • The satisfaction of knowing you're making it happen!
  • You can join for as many years in advance as you'd like and extend your membership at any time; but see this note about Life Memberships for what happens if you extend your membership 20 years into the future.

    The annual dues structure is as follows (September 2003):

    For members residing in the United States and Canada:
    Printed newsletter delivered by postal mail: $35.00
    Electronic (pdf) newsletter available on website: 35.00
    Electronic newsletter for student/senior members: 20.00
    For members residing in other locations:
    Printed newsletter delivered by postal mail: 60.00
    Electronic (pdf) newsletter available on website: 35.00
    Electronic newsletter for student/senior members: 20.00

    The reduced charge applies for members who are full-time students or are over age 65 at the time of renewal. The additional charge for international delivery has been made necessary by large increases in international postage rates. Members are encouraged to make use of the electronic newsletter subscription option which provides a high quality copy in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format that you can print on your own printer. Some of the advantages are:

    • More timely delivery. The newsletter will be available on the website as soon as it is prepared.
    • Higher quality, more color.
    • If you lose a copy, a new one is easily obtained.
    • It saves the Moon Society money, making more available for other purposes.
    • It is environment-friendly.
    • To access the pdf files, you must establish a user name and password. You will receive email instructions on how to do this.
    • To receive timely email notice of the publication of the pdf file of each month's issue, you must supply an email address, and keep that information current.
    • If you employ spam filters, you must whitelist the following email addresses:,
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