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Moon Miners' Manifesto

"MMM" is a monthly newsletter, published ten times a year  (monthly except January and July) continuously since December 1986, by the Milwaukee Lunar Reclamation Society (MLRS). The November 2013 issue, #270, completes the first 27 years of uninterrupted publication,

M.LRS has been the publisher of Moon Miners Manifesto since issue #1 in December 1986 through current. MLRS serves as the SE Wisconsin Chapter of the National Space Society and as the Moon Society Milwaukee Outpost - MSMO.
As of October 16, 2013, MLRS is now a Joint Chapter serving members of both Societies.

MMM has served as the newsletter of the Moon Society and of its predecessor, Artemis Society International, since November 1995, beginning with issue #90.

MMM began serving other chapters of the National Space Society in mid 1987 (Seattle L5) and now serves several NSS chapters (7 currently), as well as the members of the Moon Society, and individual subscribers, and is also available to the members of the American Lunar Society,  per a mutual affiliation agreement with the Moon Society signed in 2005.
National Space Society chapters who would like to offer MMM (hardcopy version) to all their members, or as an option, should contact the the MLRS Treasurer, Bob Bialecki, at bobriverwest@yahoo.com or leave a message at 414-372-9613. A series of 3 sample copies per member is possible to familiarize the chapter's members with the publication before signing up.

MMM Topics: Most issues of MMM contain speculative articles that deal with the opening of the Lunar frontier, suggesting how pioneers can make best use of local resources. Some of the points made will relate specifically to pioneer life in the lunar environment. But many points will hold for frontier living on Mars as well. MMM has occasional artibles on the Asteroids, Venus, Mercury, the moons of other planets, and what lies beyond the solar system.

Pdf color file Archive of Current and Past Issues of MMM - http://www.moonsociety.org/members/mmm/ 

Beginning with MMM #145 through current - Prior to #145, we did not prepare pdf versions. The major articles of issues #1-144, however, are preserved in the MMM Classics #s 1-15

To access /members/mmm/ you will need to use your Moon Society username and password.
If you do not have a username and password, you can request one at the following location:  http://www.moonsociety.org/mymoon/
If you need assistance with your username and password, contact

Selenology - member username and password access only
Selenlogy is the Quarterly Publication of the "American Lunar Society, now a Moon Society Affiliate Organization. Because of this affiliation,
Moon Society members can download these file at www.moonsociety.org/members/selenology
The MMM Classics - free access - in pdf format only -- were created  to preserve the non-time sesitive articles of previous MMM issues, in chronological collections, one per calendar year, with a 2-3 year lag behind the current issue. Currently, the first 24 years are covered.

The MMM Themes - free access - This same material is now available in collections organized by Major Themes and Threads. currently 17 in number

MMM-Derived Papers - free access

These papers were on The Milwaukee Lunar Reclamation Society site, until that site went off the Internet, and are now preserved here.

The MMM Glossary - free access - "Old words with new meanings, and new words coined when no existing word will fit"

The MMM Glossary was created to acquaint new members and visitors with special terms used in MMM for new concepts and ideas 
Additional entries will be added to as need be.

 The Cue Images Library - free access - Exploring concepts from Back Issues through key images

To acquaint new members and visitors with important concepts from back issues of Moon Miners" Manifesto, a "Changing Image" feature of our website homepage had been developed. This feature of the homepage has not survived the website revision of 2013

The Cue Images Library, using these same images and their links, is preserved as a companion to the MMM Glossary, as fun ways to familiarize new members and visitors with ideas and concepts and topics featured in the past 27 years of MMM publication.

Moon Miners' Manifesto - India Quarterly ("M3IQ")- free access

"M3IQ" was launched in the fall of 2008 shortly after Chandrayaan-1, India's first lunar orbiter, was successfully launched. We have been publishing this Quarterly edition, in pdf format only, with the download link emailed to various organizations and email-lists in India and elsewhere.

While is a strong focus on India's space program and India's future in space, including the Chandrayaan-1 lunar orbiter and proposed future lunar missions, there is also Indian space news in general, plus a selection of articles from MMM issues current and past deemed by the editorial board to be of interest to Indian readers.

The "Elsewhere in Asia" and "Elsewhere in the Commonwealth" sections expand the scope of the potential audience and in summer 2011 we begun marketing M3IQ to email addresses throughout Asia and the Commonwealth. After the introduction of TTSIQ (see immediately below) to avoid needless duplication, the outline followed by TTSIQ is now in use by both publications. They differ only in the first two and last two pages.
To The Stars International Quarterly ("TTSIQ") - free access
"TTSIQ" is a joint effort by the Moon Society and the National Space Society's International Committee to bring space news and articles to people around the world, especially young people and students.  The principal editor is Peter Kokh.  Also on the editorial team are David Dunlop, Madhu Thangavelu, Srinivas Laxman and Aleksandra Voinea. The first issue was published in October 2012.
Humor - free access - This page is a "work in progress."

Moonbeams (fiction) - free access

Science-Fiction has played a strong role in fostering an interest in Space Exploration, Settlement, and Travel. Moonbeams was launched in the Fall of 2008 as collections of short stories about the opening of the space frontier. The purpose is to widen the perception of what may be possible. Issues are released when "enough good articles" have been sent in. Chuck Lesher of the Moon Society Phoenix chapter was the editor. These publications ceased after the 7th issue (Winter 2011)

Moonscapes  - free access

Moonscapes, our formatted email newsletter- made its debut on August 15, 2010 but was discontinued after several issues

Vector Pages - one page introductions to key topics - free access

Analog - Analog Research Activity

Art - Lunar bases Thumbnail Gallery

Asteroids - The Moon and Asteroids

Astronomy - The Moon and Astronomy of and from the Moon

Flag - A Flag for the Moon? A Flag for the Moon Society?

Humor - Work in Progress

Mars - The Moon and Mars. How the Red Planet Fits In

Research - Encouraging Needed Research

Tourism - The Moon and Space Tourism

Our Website - www.moonsociety.org - free access

Not only are all of our publications available online, as  downloadable PDF files, or via email, but the website content itself is a" project in process" of informing members and visitors of the Society's Vision, Mission, and our efforts to pursue them.

The website format and appearance are things for the the Management  Committee (Officers and Directors as a combined team) to decide.

But many of the pages are actually publication content, added by the Publications Director.  In this respect, our website itself is a living publication growing, expanding, diversifying overtime. The website is our most important tool in our effort to attract and involve more members.

Lunarpedia - Our Moon-Wiki - Launched October 5, 2006 - free access

This is an initiative that a circle of members have discussed during much of 2006 before deciding in September to make it happen. We had our grand unveiling in January 2007. This publication project does not fall under the direction of the Publications Director Peter Kokh but has its own team. We are in search of more contributors!

The Lunarpedia is an open-source, wiki-type replacement for the proprietary Artemis Data Book. We know many of our older members who joined us in the Artemis Society years, 1994-2000, have missed working on the Artemis Reference Mission™ and the Artemis Data Book™. We are betting that without proprietary limitations, www.Lunarpedia.org will be much more successful.

The object is to create a"buffet" of options that will allow enterprises with funding to pick and choose whatever suits their own mission plan. In other words, we care more that there is a first for-profit lunar outpost than we care who builds it.


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