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This wiki, by Chuck Wood of LPOD (lunar photo of the day) is the most convenient way to find all the photos and maps of any named lunar feature!
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The Moon in Science Fiction [1]

The Moon in Science Fiction [2]

Lunar Bibliography by Ken Murphy

The Moon in Music - Click & Listen
One glaring omission from this fine list is "Arthur's Theme" by Christopher Cross with the memorable refrain "Between the Moon and New York City"

National Space Society Settlement Nexus: Moon

Lunar Bases & Settlement Library

1993: Early Lunar Access

Ice on the Moon? - Spudis


1992: First Lunar Outpost

1996: Human Lunar Return

1993: LUNOX

National Space Society Roadmap to Space

Roadmap to Space: Milestones

Roadmap to Space: Barriers

National Space Society Space Solar Power Library


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