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Observing the Moon

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Books on Observing the Moon

PHOTO Galleries

ART Galleries

Articles About the Moon in the Artemis Data Book

Comparison of Earth and the Moon

Rotating Moon Globe (524 k)

Why the Moon cannot hold an atmosphere

How the Moon Formed

Geological History of the Moon

Introduction to Lunar Craters

Volcanos and Lava Flows on the Moon

Winding Rille Valleys on the Moon, and Lavatubes

Appearance of the Lunar Surface and Apollo Pictures

Notes on Lunar Terrain

Lunar Surface Temperatures

Does the Moon have geothermal energy sources?

Are there Moonquakes on the Moon?

Lunar Prospector Find's Ice at the Moon's Poles

Solar Flares and Radiation Dosage on the Moon

Bouncing Radio Signals off the Moon

What are the Lagrange Points?

Why the Moon seems to Wobble as it keeps the same face always turned towards Earth

The Top Ten Scientific Discoveries Made During Apollo Exploartion of the Moon

How deep is the moondust blanket that covers the Moon?

What's it like to step on the moondust?

All about gravity on the Moon

Is there Carbon on the Moon?


Related External Websites

The Artemis Society International The Artemis Commercial Moonbase Project and the Artemis Database

The Lunar Reclamation Society Explore from Home page For the Armchair Explorer

Moon Miners' Manifesto Beyond the Barren Rubble Pile: The Moon Society's monthly newsletter has many articles taking the reader beyond the forbidding outward appearances of the Moon, to sketch out how future pioneers can make themselves at home on the Moon. Included are many articles detailing how a lunar economy could work and how settlers could make themselves "at home" there.

American Lunar Society (observers group)

Dynamic View of Moon's Origin and Compostition

The Animated Moon

National Space Science Data Center Moon Page Facts, missions, and links to other resources

Nine Planets Luna Page (SEDS) Basic facts about the Moon

Earth and Moon Viewer (Fourmilab Switzerland) Generates views of Luna from Earth, or Earth from Luna, at a specified date and time

Inconstant Moon Astronomical observations of the moon for each day in the lunar cycle, in an artistic presentation. Takes its name from a short story by Larry Niven. Warning: music, frames.

The Space Environment: An Overview

The Apollo Lunar Surface Journal Flight by flight, word for word, transcription of communication between mission control and the Apollo astronauts.

The Face of the Moon (Linda Hall Library) Many historical images. Drawings of the face of the moon from observors throughout history, beginning with Galileo in 1554.

Lunar Prospector Lunar Prospector was launched to the Moon on January 6, 1998 and impacted the south polar region on July 31, 1999. It started out as a private lunar mapping mission, and eventually was sponsored by NASA at the Ames Research Center.

Lunar Module Team Logos (Grumman) Some fascinating history: the logos that the Grumman lunar module teams used during the Apollo program. Each lunar module team had its own mission patch.

TransOrbital TransOrbital's Trailblazer 2001 and Electra missions to the moon have their roots in Artemis Society International's Microlander Team.

LunaCorp Moon Probes The corporate side of the Lunar Rover Initiative. LunaCorp signed their first major sponsor, Radio Shack, in 2000.

Lunar Rover Initiative (Carnegie-Mellon University Robotics Institute) The technical side of the Lunar Rover Initiative.

How much do you weigh on the Moon, and moons of other planets?

How much do you weigh on other planets?

Geology of the Moon:short online course by Charles A. Wood

Chuck Wood's Moon: Compendium of Lunar Science and History

Wikipedia's List of Maria (and Sinus, Lacus, Pallus) features on the Moon

History of Lunar-Based Astronomy

Internatironal Lunar Observatory Project



General Articles about the Moon and lunar features

Lunar Observing Projects & Equipment

ALS Lunar Study & Observing Certificate

Astronomical League Lunar Club Certificate

Yahoo's Lunar-Observing Group

The Full Moon Atlas: Lunar Navigator

Lunar Consoladated Atlas - clickable thumbnails of each section of the Moon's nearside hemisphere - be patient while the thumbnails load, then browse and open any that catch your interest for a larger view ( c. 600K.)

Lunar Photo of the Day - explore the Moon a day at a time!

Lunar Photo Gallery - American Lunar Soc.

Wikipedia's List of Maria (and Sinus, Lacus, Pallus) features on the Moon with coordinates for each


BOOKS on Observing the Moon

Welcome to the Moon: Twelve Lunar Expeditions for Small Telescopes
by Robert Bruce Kelsey (Paperback - June 2003

Exploring the Moon Through Binoculars and Small Telescopes
by Ernest H. Cherrington, Paperback: 240 pages



Photos with explanation - The Lunar Photo of the Day Archive

American Lunar Society Photo Gallery

Lunar Module Missions Photo Galleries



The Paintings of Apollo Astronaut Alan Bean (A12)

The modern artwork of Pat Rawlings - Moon Galleries

The Classic Moon Mission Paintings of Chesley Bonestell

Interactive Lunar Panorama by Chesley Bonestell

Apollo 11 Mission Screensaver - Windows only



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