Moon and/or Space Decor in the Home or Office
For Bedrooms, Dens, Rec Rooms, etc.

By Peter Kokh
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Wallpaper Murals - Nothing else can create just that atmosphere in a den, library, study, or rec room, or even in a bedroom!

Environmental Graphics, Inc. used to produce three space theme murals (listed below) and they were available as special order items at Menards home centers (Midwest states) for about $70. Now they are hard to find and much more expensive, as they are produced not on paper but on removable vinyl sheets.
  • C397 Saturn and three moons
  • C384 "Earthrise" - see photo of this mural in bedroom of MMM Editor Peter Kokh
    purchased for $70, now $600!
  • C804 "Shuttle in Orbit"
Shopping for Space Murals - Google Image Search "Space Murals"

You will find all sorts of murals through Google Image Search, but the problem is finding something affordable.

Environmental Graphics Solar System Mural Product Number: C833, Width: 13' 8", Height: 8' 3" $149.95

Earth Moon space mural, 12'9" x 8'10", comes with paste and in 8 panels, sale $110

83 Space Murals - For a full size mural, you are looking at about $600!

Order a custom space mural from a photo or print that you supply, but be prepared to pay a hefty price.

  • a surface photo from one of the Apollo missions
  • an orbital view from one of the recent lunar orbiters
  • A NASA illustration of a proposed moonbase, or lander
  • Whatever else you find

Projecting Images on Walls - stenciling outlines at "chair rail" height
One idea would be to choose a panorama such as the Mars Pathfinder Panorama of one of the Apollo mission panoramas, and print it section by section on transparency sheets, then project them on a white or light painted wall with an overhead projector and trace outlines for a cartoon effect, or actually paint the projected colors from a complete pallet of water or latex paints. This would be tedious, but unique, and something of which to be very proud. Do one wall, or for a genuine 360 effect, all the way around a room, starting at a door or blind spot.

An Option would be to choose a height that fits the largest width poster that your local Kinkos or Office supply store computer desk can economically print (your standard for affordability) and then break the panorama down into the number of poster length sections that it will take to fit the circumference of your room, or the width of the intended wall. Ask the dealer for pasting instructions. An alternative would be to frame them and then hang them in a horizontal row, say above a chair rail "guide."

Enlarged astronomy photos from amateur photographers, or from Hubble
- do the same.

Adding a 3rd Dimension:
  • Tall Model Rocket (without motor) cut in half vertically, each side mounted on wall to frame a bed headboard, or a door or window
  • Globes of Earth, Moon, Mars, Venus
  • Front/rear hemispheres of globes
  • contour maps of moon, mars
  • meteorite collections
  • Apollo era models, Lunar Module, Rovers
  • Book Collections
  • Mosaics of Magazine photo cutouts


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