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2012  DATE


Yuri's Night

April 12 - Thursday

Earth Day

April 22 -Sunday - many
events on Sat 21st 

Astronomy Day

April 28th - Sat

  • check local observances planned
  • If there is no observance in your area, start one - focus on planets, have literature handy
  • Host a brainstorming workshop on astronomy from the Moon
  • Ways to interest amateur astronomers
  • [For the Moon Society: initiate a collaboration with other parties to produce a comprehensive White Paper on Astronomy from the Moon: American Lunar Society, A.L.P.O. - Lunar Section, Yahoo's Lunar Observing Group, Stanford on the Moon Project, the Planetary Society]
International Observe the Moon NightSunday, 30 September 2012, or
Monday, 29 October 2012,
Stay tuned
  • This special event invites the world to look up and learn about the moon. It’s surprising how many new discoveries about the Moon don’t make it into the heads of Joe six-pack and his kids. Since the 1990s, many spacecraft have visited the Moon from so many nations! Yet, despite the wealth of new info, researcher Emily CoBabe-Ammann found that no available public school book contains lunar science results that come from modern exploration – everything is based on Apollo! Well,  it’s time to change what people know about the Moon. - Check ou tthe Visualize-the-Moon Poster Contest

World Space Week

Oct. 4-10 Sun-Sat

  • October 7th marks the anniversary of Sputnik, first satellite
  • Declared by the UN, World Space Week is the largest annual public space event on Earth. It is organized by the global space and education communities. For listing of event plans by country, please visit

Space Dates

  • July 20th 
    • (1969) - First Moon Landing - Neil Armstrong and Buz Aldrin in Apollo 11 Eagle - 41st Anniversary
    • (1976) - First spacecraft soft landing on Mars and send back data, Viking I
  • December 15th (1972) Man retreats from the Moon as Apollo 17 crewmen Harrison Schmidt and Eugene Cernan climb aboard the Lunar Module Challenger to leave the Moon with no plans in place for a return. - 39th Anniversary
  • December 25th (1968) Apollo 8 carries first human crew around the Moon - 43rd anniversary


  • Any local or regional event on which you can "piggyback" an information table, or presentation
  • area science fiction conventions


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