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How Asteroids fit in a World Space Program
The Importance of Asteroid Resources for the Lunar Frontier Economy

The Moon, Mars, and the Asteroids are not alternative destinations for human activity but complementary ones.
  • Use of Lunar Resources with Industrial Settlements on the Moon
  • Establishment of a self-sufficient branch of humanity on Mars
  • Defense of our homeworld from destruction by errant asteroids
These are three vectors seek the same thing:
Survival of Earth and its Environment, and of Humankind.

Human Expansion Triway to Space
Download the presentation: "Human Expansion Triway into Space": ppt or pdf

The Moon's Surface as a Sampler of Asteroid Resources
See the Asteroid & Comet Theme issue linked below
Asteroid Resources that Could Address Lunar Resource Deficiencies
See the Asteroid & Comet Theme issue linked below
If Phobos and Deimos, Mars' two mini-moons, turn out to be captured carbonaceous chondrite asteroids.....
The Moon has some volatiles (hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon) but not in the quantities needed to operate freely. Phobos and Deimos, if future spacecraft should determine that they are of carbonaceous chondrite composition, could supply that need, shipping liquid methane CH4 and liquid ammonia NH3 to the Moon. This could be a major anchor of an economic case for Mars.

Two prior missions to Phobos, Phobos 1(launched 07 July 1988) and Phobos 2 (launched 5 days later), both failed to reach their destination in working condition.

The launch of the Phobos-Grunt (Russian for "Soil") mission has been delayed two years until the 2011 launch window.
Tapping Near Earth Asteroid Resources - Two relevant "Catch-22"s
See the Asteroid & Comet Theme issue linked below
What is special about "the big three" - Ceres, Pallas, Vesta
See the Asteroid & Comet Theme issue linked below
Asteroid & Comet Theme Articles in the Moon Society Publication: Moon Miners' Manifesto
Back Issues -- What’s available?
December 2009, all the Asteroid & Comet-related articles from the first 20 years of Moon Miners' Manifesto (which began its 24th year with issue #231 in December, 2009) have been gathered and republished in one Asteroid & Comet Theme issue covering years 1-20.  This issue is a free access pdf file downloads from:

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