Moon Society Staff - updated August 7, 2011

The Moon Society has no paid staff, either full time or part time.
Membership Processing had been farmed out on a per piece basis, but is now handled by volunteers, gratis.

At the August 3, 2011 Management Committee Meeting 3 staff persons (•) were appointed, adding to the list.

* Publications Director: Peter Kokh - Peter has been Editor of Moon Miners' Manifesto since its inception in 1986, and more recently of Moon Miners' Manifesto - India Quarterly, and he provides the content for our formatted email newsletter, Moonscapes. He launched the Moon Society Blog in 2006, but is no longer an active blogger. He has also endeavored to preserve the non-time sensitive material in past issues of MMM in the MMM Classics and MMM Themes files. 

Under publications also falls website content pages that inform members and visitors about the Moon, and how exploring and settling the Moon is necessary for Earth, about our vision and mission, about the projects by which we strive to pursue that mission, about news that is relevant to that mission, etc. As well as many other pages on our website, he has also written all the Moon Society Announcement Reports since 2004. 

Peter also sends out the Membership Packets (book and posters, etc.) to new members. This task, however, now falls under the duties he has taken on himself as Secretary of the Society.

* Assistant Treasurer: Scotty Gammenthaler - Since the founding of the Society in 2000, Scotty has held the positions of Treasurer, Director, and Chairman of the Board. Scotty registered the Moon Society as a 501c3 non-profti corporation in the State of Texas in July 2000. Scotty handles membership mail sent to our Plano, TX mailbox, and currently takes care of  membership processing. He also provides major expertise in website issues. Scotty also was esstntial to the succesfful creation of our tabletop solar power beaming demonstration unit in 2008.

* Public Relations Officer: Jason Tuttle - Jason has previously served as Society Vice President and is now a Director and brings an amazing portfolio of talents and experience to this post.

Continuing Staff Personnel

Chapters Coordinator - Peter Kokh - Peter, a dedicated chapter person, and co-founder of the Milwaukee Chapter of the National Space Society, known as the Lunar Reclamation Society (LRS) which is the publisher of our newsletter, Moon Miners' Manifesto, has served as chapters coordinator since 2002. He is also the "hubwright" of the Space Chapters Hub, a site that serves as a clearing house for chapters of The Moon Society, The Mars Society, and of The National Space Society. He had previously served as President of the NSS Chapters Assembly in the early 1990's. Peter will be working with Ken Murphy, also a dedicated chapter person, to grow the chapter network, strengthen chapters. and assist them in their public outreach needs. Chip is continuing to produce additional Moon-relevant videos on his own.

Video Production - Chip Proser - Chip, a former Hollywood script writer, has produced a suite of Videos for us, most of them interviews with movers and shakers in the arena of space and of the Moon in particular, at the 2007 International Space Development Conference in Dallas, TX.

Liaison Director - David A. Dunlop - Since he has retired, Dave spends an appreciable amount of time on the road, on email, and on the phone, as a roving ambassador both for the Moon Society and for our affiliate, the National Space Society. 

As a part of this activity, Dave works tirelessly to develop working relationships between TMS and NSS with other organizations, notably,, the Space Frontier Foundation, the Space Resources Roundtable, and others. 

As a connected side venture, Dave has worked with past president Peter Kokh in identifying people who have in one way or another done something that contributes significantly to the realization of our vision and mission, as recipients of our unique University of Luna Awards.

Dave could use the assistance of individual volunteers to maintain liaison with specific organizations.

Lunar Science Mission Advocate - David A. Dunlop - There is so much that we do not know about the Moon, or about which we have insufficient knowledge. We have little say over what missions NASA and other national space agencies propose, develop, and fly. Indeed most national space agencies can propose, but not pursue desired missions without continuing budget support from Congress or their respective national governments.

Dave has taken it upon himself to identify and promote what one might call "hitchhiker science payloads" - for example on some of the Google Lunar X-Prize contending missions. One of these efforts has struck a cord with researchers in the field as well as with key personnel in NASA. NASA is now offering considerable amounts of money to Google X-Prize teams NASA's lunar science goals. By law, only American Google Lunar X-Prize Teams are eligible for these grants.

Continuing to look for "hole" in lunar science and mission support, Dave has identified orbital mission longevity as a problem. The Moon's gravitational field is not even. At various locations, past major impacts have left buried "mascons" (concentrations of denser material below the lunar surface) that act to accelerate apace craft in orbit on approach, and decelerate on recession. The effect is to shorten the time spacecraft in lunar orbit can maintain their altitude before running out of fuel and inevitably crashing at high horizontal speed into the surface. Dave is spending much time trying to create a nanosat solar sail competition that can not only demonstrate the possibility of getting from Geosynchronous orbit into lunar orbit by solar power alone, and then maintaining orbit indefinitely with solar sail power alone. Of course, such a craft could fail on other grounds such as communications system failure, etc.

Staff Vacancies - as of August 7, 2011

Grant Proposal Writers - Contact, Ken Murphy

Fundraisers - Contact, Ken Murphy

Project Managers - see Project Teams and respond to the team leaders listed in the area in which you are interested

Liason Director - head a team of individuals providing liason between the Moon Society and affiliated and collaborating organizations.- Contact, Ken Murphy and David Dunlop

Blog Team Director - contribute blog posts and develop a team of blogers. contact Publications Director Peter Kokh at


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