Awards Given By The Moon Society
updated February 17, 2011

As a way of both recognizing outstanding achievement,
and of encouraging similar efforts by others,

the Moon Society began giving out award certificates in 2007.

The University of Luna Awards are given to persons working outside the Society for efforts and achievements which advance the Society's vision of a future in which the free enterprise human economy has expanded to include settlements on the Moon and elsewhere, contributing products and services that will foster a better life for all humanity on Earth and beyond, inspiring our youth, and fostering hope in an open-ended positive future for humankind.

The President's Certificates of Outstanding Service to the Society are given to current Society members.

University of Luna Awards

Example of U-Luna Certificate
Each framed certificate includes a glossy print of Pat Rawlings "Space University"
each individually signed by the artist.

2007 International Space Development Conference, Dallas, TX - May 24-28

 Dr. T.D. Lin, for over twenty years of research on lunar concrete, which he is continuing in retirement with collaborators from several universities in his Taiwan. (Area of In Situ [local] Resource Utilization)
Dr. Alan Binder
, (not present) for his work in the design of Lunar Prospector, and in holding his team together through several lean years until NASA picked up his Lunar Prospector mission for a Discovery slot. (Area of Orbital Prospecting for Resources)
Phil Sadler
 of Sadler Machine Company and the entire team at the Controlled Environment Agriculture Center (CEAC) at the University of Arizona, Tucson, for their work on the Food Growth Chamber at the Amundsen-Scott Station at south pole. (Area of Biological Closed Life Support) - (a duplicate award was given to Gene Giocomelli of CEAC)
2008 International Space Development Conference, Washington, DC - May 29 - June 1

 Lawrence A. Taylor, U-TN, for his work using the magnetic properties of moon dust to control its behavior. 
2009 International Space Development Conference, Orlando, FL - May 28-31

None this year 

2010 International Space Development Conference, Chicago, IL - May 27-31
Dallas Bienhoff and his team at Boeing, for their work on a proposed Orbital Refueling Station
2010  September 30 Event in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam for his championship of Solar Power Satellites.
2011 International Space Development Conference, Huntsville, AL - May 18-22, 2011
Dr. Paul Spudis for his work on an Affordable Way to Return to the Moon

President's Certificates of Outstanding Service
to the Society

2007 International Space Development Conference, Dallas, TX - May 24-28
  • James Gholston and Mike Delaney (not present)  for their work in creating and launching
    Lunarpedia -  
  • David A. Dunlop for his 7-week 7,000 mile long road trip, at his own expense to contact movers and shakers around the country about the Moon Society and about the University of Luna Project
Leadership Council Certificate of Appreciation given at ISDC 2007
  • Peter Kokh, "for 20 years and 200 issues of Moon Miners' Manifesto"
2008 First Annual Membership Meeting, September 17, 2009

• Paul Blase work to assemble our solar power beaming demo, for the first time, at ISDC 2008, and at the New Space Conference the next month.
• Eric H. Bowen for resurrecting the Houston Chapter and creating the Moon Society Forum web site.
• David A. Dunlop for assisting Chip Proser in setting up interviews to be videotaped for Moon Colony Video productions at both ISDC 2007 and ISDC 2008, for putting together the Moon Track at ISDC 2008, for starting the Green Bay Wisconsin Outpost and for resurrecting the Experimental Lunar Agriculture Project he had begun in 1991.
• R. Scott Gammenthaler for leading the team effort to create our tabletop Solar Power Beaming Demo, get it approved, and assembled at ISDC 2008
• Fred L. Hills for his help in arranging for our members to be able to join the NASA Federal Credit Union.
• Benoit Nault for starting an Outpost in Tucson and for his professional advice on many matters.
• Craig D. Porter for starting the dynamic chapter in Phoenix
• Chip Proser for his work and creativity on the great series of Moon Colony Videos publicizing the Moon Society's vision and work.
• Charles F. Radley (a) leading the team effort to create our tabletop Solar Power Beaming Demo, get it approved, and assembled at ISDC 2008; (b) his work on our Yahoo Group, MySpace, Facebook,  and web sites, and (c) for his tireless search for new opportunities to extend the Moon Society presence
• James A, Rogers for his work on Lunarpedia, our MySpace and Facebook sites, and in the area of public relations and outreach.
• Peter J. Schubert for his work on a proposal to EPA, the US Environmental Agency, for a “Space and the Environment” Conference, designed to start a conversation between environmentalists and space enthusiasts.


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